Can i transfer from 20gb Xbox HDD to 120GB HDD using a USB stick?

    Hi, my Xbox 360's 20gb hard drives always full and have to keep deleting stuff.

    Was gonna buy a 120gb hard drive from ebay and wondered if i need to bother with a transfer cable?

    I only have an 8Gb USB stick and was wondering if i deleted enough stuff to get it down to 16GB could i transfer my demos, game saves and system updates over to a new drive in 2 goes, by swapping the drives over on the machine?


    IT will work but let the Xbox format your memory stick.

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    so format my stick first via xbox...

    Copy half my data off hard drive, plug in new hard drive and ADD

    Format USB stick again

    Plug in old hard drive, copy rest of data and plug in new hard drive and add remaining 8 gig..

    Really that simple?

    You can run a usb as a hard drive but i dont think you can transfer old data to it - couldnt say worth a try mate - if you clogging up your console just delete the demos. Or just leave the usb plugged in and start saving onto it

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    i need it though for watching movies on it

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    anyone else confirm that this will work okay?

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    yes just one profile

    MOVE data dont COPY as stated above

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    why move the profile last?

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    ah right!

    Move the profile to the stick first, then move half the data, delete everything except the profile then move rest of data including profile.

    Ive bought a used HDD from ebay, should i format that first or just delete whats on it without a full format? i.e will i need to pair it up to my xbox with serial no.s or anything?

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    What happened to all the helpful posts.on this thread? Theyve been deleted?

    Has anyone else used this method to trasfer data?

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    Waiting on the hard drive arriving in the post!

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    Just for the record.... used the USB stick to transfer all data and it worked perfectly.

    Dont waste your money on a transfer cable!
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