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Can I transfer my number from a three SIM to another three SIM?

Posted 24th Feb 2014
Hey everybody! I bought a new 3 SIM card with the all-in-one 15 add on from Amazon recently while it was on offer (about £9)

I was gonna put it in my primary phone and put an Ovivo SIM in my backup phone and PAC my old (three) number to Ovivo. Reason being, I'm fed up of getting spam calls/texts but I can't be bothered to update my number with the bank, etc (so I'll still get the spam but it'll be on my secondary phone so it won't annoy me as much)

But I've put the Ovivo SIM in my primary phone and I quite like it. The allowances are quite good for when I'm out and about and I can use the all-in-one 15 SIM as a backup when I'm at home, with the added bonus that I can tether from it while I'm out (I know all-in-one 15 doesn't allow tethering but it's always worked for me)

So, I want to transfer my old three number to my new three SIM card. Is this possible?
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You can't transfer numbers internally is three to three, you would need to transfer the number to another provider then transfer back to three a pain I know
three.co.uk/Sup…ion Worth a try? Designed for upgrades but doesn't specifically mention contracts. Personally I tried it at Christmas when I wanted to transfer a number from a pay as you go normal sim to a micro sim it didn't work.
As fisco said, 3 basically won't let you. I transferred mine to an orange payg then back to 3. Usually takes just a few days but mine hit a snag and took nearly 2 weeks.
Oh dear well thanks for the answers anyway guys xx
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