Can I trust the Hong Kong sellers on eBay?

Found 21st Apr 2015
Quite a few sellers on eBay selling the LG G2 32GB for a dirt cheap price of £135. But they're all based in Hong Kong.

Most have 99%+ feedback, but the negative feedback makes me a little nervous. Comments like the phone shipping refurbished, with a unusable camera, two month shipping etc.

Also, what are the chances of Customs grabbing my parcel? And how much do I have to pay on top in tax and everything to receive this phone?

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I would say the chances are high they will x-ray the phone and being such an obvious shape will be highlighted for tax. Doubt any phone would be under the £15? threshold
If it was noticed they'd change you VAT (20%) and then whichever carrier was delivering it would change you for paying that and their admin fee. The PO charge £15 for example.
Its a gamble but one I am thinking of taking, the price is cracking. The positive feedback of the seller I am watching for the G2 is very good. I order stuff monthly from China, usually between £50 - £100 each time and not once, in 3 years have I had to pay customs.
I wouldn't trust buying anything via China without your looking at a 70% or higher saving.
The biggest problem is if anything goes wrong with it. you will be expected to pay the return postage and that is very expensive as I have found out to my cost in the past. I now don't buy from china unless its a cheap item that I can throw away if it goes wrong and not be concerned about the loss.
I bought a z2 tablet on ebay from Hong Kong for £275 with customs putting £65 on top last March 2015
i buy cheap items from china. sometimes they take a month to arrive. sometimes 2 weeks. wouldnt personally buy a phone but have been tempted. just be prepared to pay customs and excise fee and 20% tax if it becomes obvious to them the customs form is inaccurate (and therefore illegal).
I buy a lot of things from China and Hong Kong via eBay. But I would never buy a phone from there. Best to buy from a place where you can take it back if it develops an issue.

Generally though the Hong Kong and China sellers are a lot more friendly and professional compared to some of our British eBay sellers!

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