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Can I turn off those cornering lights on a mk6 golf?

Posted 7th Nov 2013
Turning a corner and only one fog light coming on is doing my head in. Especially as ive got a HID kit on them, which eventually will kill the ballasts. I know you can turn the fog lights to be permanently on, but I just want to disable the feature of them coming on and off. Ive got a mk6 golf 2012

Ive read loads of forums, cant make head or toe what they're talking about. Wondering if any of you genius' can help me.
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call a dealer? surely its under warranty still as its a 2012

call a dealer? surely its under warranty still as its a 2012

its not a fault unfortunately, its an active feature that turns on the left fog when turning left and the right fog when turning right. Pain in the bum, looks to other drivers as if one of your fogs are out. But thanks anyway
oh, I did some googling and found this:

"cheapest way of doing it for basic stuff it is download VCDS-Lite FREE from Ross-tech, then get a £6.95 K line cable from eBay. It will do up to and including mk4 stuff pre-can bus. Pay $99 license from Ross-Tech to unlock various features & code descriptions

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Don't know for sure but someone I work with was talking about this the other day on his Wigwam (Tiguan) and he was under the impression it only happens if you have the headlights switched to "Auto"??
You don't have a menu option on your dash? My car is not a vw but I can access a menu via the stalk that let's me turn off daytime running lights etc.
Just a thought but probably wrong!
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Any chance the fog light are on a seperate fuse?

i thought fog light should be switchable any way as they should only be used in fog/

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