Can i unlock my Samsung J700 for free???

i suffer with anxiety and need mt phone when i go out at all times. my yvirgin contract has been cut off. so i wanted to go on vodaphone as most my family on it.

I cant get to anywhere to get it unlocked as i cant go on buses n my own. is there anywhere online i could get the code? or free? dont mindpaying as long as its instantly! like b4 i have to go and pick up my daughter from school.

when i put in my vodaphone sim it says enter unlocking code!?

Rep added to anyone that can help thanks


If it is locked to Virgin then you could phone them. I think the standard rate for the phone companies is about £10-£15 ( there is a thread claiming Virgin do it free on here) but it may not be instant ( even though they do have the capability to instantly do it) and usually is within 28 days.

Can you not get someone to take it into your local mobile shop/repairer?
Not only will it be cheaper (unless Virgin do it free) but it will be instant.

Don't trust many of the unlock sites on the internet.

This will unlock it

This will also bring the phone to default settings
1. First do a CUSTOM reset: *2767*2878# (star 2767 star 2878 hash)
turn off the phone
2. take out the battery and sim and put wrong network SIM and insert a half of it,
so it won't ask for network password and shows "Insert SIM" message.
Now put the battery ,and switch the phone on .(phone shows "Insert SIM" message.)
3.With out turning off the phone push the sim fully in. At this stage the phone is still asking to "Insert SIM"
4. Make a FULL reset by typing: *2767*3855#(star 2767 star 3855 hash)
5. The phone should reboot working with "wrong" sim inside.
6. Make a Change the NCK password to 8 zeros by typing: *7465625*638*00000000*00000000#
(star 7465625 star 638 star 8zeros star 8zeros hash)
7. Now Disable network lock By typing: #7465625*638*00000000#
(hash 7465625 star 638 star 8zeros hash)
Phone is unlocked (check with *#7465625#)

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Thankyou So much Grabbit i just did it

How do i rep?

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just worked it out ta

Glad it worked for you

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Arrrgggghhhh my 2 year old just did something to my phone!! its now saying its locked again and asking for a SP lock??
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