Can I upgrade my Nokia 5230 firmware to support Comes With Music subscription?

I have a 5230 and mine doesn’t support the Comes With Music subscription service. You can buy the 5230 with support so I presume it’s just a Firmware issue.
I have a legit Comes With Music subscription but no phone to use it with so I’m wondering if I can flash my firmware?
I was hoping I could just register the subscription with a PC but you need a supported phone connected when you register and it doesn’t accept mine.

Plan B is to use a friend’s 5230 but as he has already registered his subscription with that phone it seems risky to try and register a second subscription from the same phone. It probably won’t work and I don’t want to screw his subscription. Hmmm!


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Just to make it clear, I have a genuine subscription for the Music service but sold the phone it came with before realising that I needed to use it to register the subscription on my PC.

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Just change the product code and reflash.

Thanks. How would I go about doing that?

I tried using the activation code with a phone that had already been used to activate a music account and it wouldn’t let me as it recognised that the phone had already been used to register an account. I reset the phone before trying.

I’m not sure if the code for the music service is tied to a particular IMIE or whether it has to be used with an IMIE that they have registered as a Comes with Music phone.
If either of those is true then I’m screwed as I presume you can’t change the IMIE of a phone?

If it just needs any phone with the Comes with Music software installed provided that the phones IMIE hasn’t already been used to activate a music service then your suggestion should work.

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