Can I use 4G mifi unlimited data sim instead of landline / broadband for watching NowTV

Found 25th Apr 2016
HELP ;-)..I want to dump my landline - house phone - broadband deal, am looking at the 3 unlimited data sim at £20 a month instead. Can I use this sim for mobile 4G / 3G in a mifi instead of landline / broadband for watching NowTV movies ???. I don't know if the 4G / 3G sim data is fast enough, it says streaming movies on a mobile is OK but is that the same download / streaming as via a wifi NowTV box. Thanks in advance :-)
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Yes u can it works ok
That tariff is meant only to be used in phones, not tablets or MiFi devices. With regards to tethering you're limited to 30GB, which is still plenty to stream an hour long TV show each day.
As said that's a mobile data sim not meant for MIFI or tablet use. You need to workout out how much you watch the now TV and how much internet/downloading you do. It seems a lot 30GB but you would be surprised how quickly that gets eaten up.
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