Can I use a family member's Clubcard voucher?

    Bit of an odd one which I can't really find an answer for.
    Just told my mum about my previous ask thread and she says she has a spare clubcard voucher that I can use to get a discounted Thorpe Park ticket.
    My question is, can I use it in my account to buy the discount voucher or will I/we get in trouble somehow?
    She said she never logs into her account so is unsure of login details etc so can't do it on my behalf.
    Has anybody credited someone else's voucher to their account?


    It's easier of she convert them For You, It depends really Sometimes I have got away with it and other times I've had a email saying that the vouchers werent registered in my name. If your mum doesn't have a account she can ring Tesco they will covert for you over phone.

    as long as you can some how redeem the voucher to get the discount you will be fine. i don't know how you would redeem this?

    I've done it a couple of times with no problems
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