Can I use a Panasonic car CD changer with a Sony stereo?

    I have just found my old Panasonic car CD changer sitting in the cupboard and wondered whether I can only use it with Panasonic stereos or if I can use it with any brand stereo?


    Generally it depends on if the leads match up I believe. I know I had problems getting one to mate up a Kenwood changer with a Panny stereo, in the end I bought a Kenwood head unit and voila.

    Highly unlikely I would say.

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    Thank you people.

    Just realised that I have put this in the wrong section, please can someone move it to 'miscelleneous?

    its a definite no i'm afraid. you would need a sony changer only. and depending on how old your sony is, there are 2 connection types too. one is a din plug, round with many metal pins, the other is a unilink? which looks lke a round plug with a small rectangle slot in the middle.
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