Posted 27th Dec 2022 (Posted 14 h, 32 m ago)
Hi, wanted to know if I can use AIRTIME with ID mobile. When I try to sign up, ID is not listed but I know they use the same network as 3 so I thought maybe I could just put 3. Anyone know if this will work?

Thanks in advance
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    Airtime rewards is pretty rubbish now the only way to collect rewards quickly is if you use the bonus codes
    I still get loads of benefits and credit by using Airtime Rewards. I haven't paid a mobile phone bill for over 2 years now. Both my wife and daughter have recently moved over to my O2 account so I don't have to pay for their phone bills either now. We are all Sim only.
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    Nope it won’t work. You can collect but when it comes to cashing out it won’t have anywhere to go. Just because ID use the Three network infrastructure doesn’t mean they use the same billing system.
    Thanks, I thought that
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    When i was with Sky it wasn’t listed either but you could email them and they would just paypal you across the funds instead of paying off the mobile credit. Would take about a fortnight to sort in reality from first email.
    Thanks, don’t think its worth the hassle then
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    Might not be as good as it used to be, but it is "free" money (it costs info about your transactions ), and takes no effort after the initial sign up.
    Even if your network is not listed, join and build the credit, then if you change networks, or they add yours, then you are already ahead. You could give the credit as as present.
    Also sign up for Weare8. Takes a bit more effort, the return is not so great, but for letting the phone show an ad and clicking a few buttons you can build more credit.
    But how do I cash out to my bank account apparently the option is not there
    I don't want it apply to my mobile bills
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    I was unable to credit my BT mobile a few months after joining, I just request the £30 to my PayPal account every month.
    Accrued over £600 in the last 2 years
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