Can I use capital bond in the early learning centre?

    Just wondering, as I can use them in Mothercare and ELC is inside Mothercare.


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    I believe Mothercare own ELC, thats why I'm asking

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    Ive already googled too (_;) it just comes up with stuff about the NHS (I have no idea why) lol

    I would imagine you could if Mothercare owns ELC. At the bottom of the mothercare website there is a link to ELC

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    Thanks for replying, I was wondering if anybody had successfully used them in their ELC stores (_;)

    If not then mothercare will price match ELC (and other places) for products in stock.

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    Just to let others know, I successfully used my Capital Bonds in ELC today, it was a stand alone store and they've not been accepting them for long, the lady had to check her memo's but all was good
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