Can I use Iphone Apps without an Iphone?

    I like some of the Apps from IPhone. The only thing is I don't have a Iphone.
    Don't know much about the new fancy phones, still use a old Nokia.

    Can I download the Apps with other mobiles?
    Could I download it on a Ipod?

    Could I buy an Iphone without contract and use it with a prepaid sim? (the contract seem quite expensive)
    Are there any good alternatives to Iphones?

    Thanks for your help!


    Yes you can download and put them on your Ipod touch
    You can also buy a Iphone and play the apps with a pay as you go sim

    Realistically though the prices of buying an iPhone 4 16gb sim free or on PAYG is £500 and considering the phone is nearly a year old I don't think it's really worth it. Also if you're not so keen on a phone like said by 'mustafa' I would get an iPod Touch, far cheaper than the iPhone as well.

    but you can't use iphone apps on other phones. all the other phones have their own apps. there are plenty of good alternatives to iphones: i highly recommend a top to mid range Android phone such as Samsung Galaxy S2 or a HTC Desire S. they have plenty of good apps.
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