Can I use my contract o2 sim card for Iphone 4s in another type of phone

Found 17th Jan 2012
Hi just looking for some advice please. I recently signed up to a 2 year contract for an iphone 4s on the o2 network. This is the first smart phone i've had and to be honest with you I'd prefer a similar type of phone with keys instead.

On the other hand my wife uses a blackberry on orange network and I just signed her up for the £8 per month sim only deal giving her 300 mins, unlimited txts and 500mb and includes blackberry services.

My wife is more into the smart phones and is desperate for an iphone. Rather than sending it back i was considering giving the iphone to her instead.

The iphone comes with 1200 mins, unlimted txts and 500mb. I need the minutes as I talk alot whereas my wife prefers to txt and use apps etc. It would make no sense for me to give her the sim with the phone as she wouldn't use up the minutes whereas I would.

So, here's the question. Could I give my wife my iphone and she could put her orange sim card in the phone and this would allow me to put the o2 sim card, contracted to the iphone into another phone?
I notice the iphone is a micro sim card though so I don't know if im able to do this. I really want the mins but don't really need the i phone. My wife really wants the iphone but doesn't really need the mins if you catch my drift.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Chris.
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Ironic eh
Your wife should be able to start a new contract with a microsim. (if shes in a contract I don't thing this will work).

You should be able to request your number on a normal sim from your network provider, (just incase you lost your phone)
You can cut down a full sized sim to fit in a 4S. And you can buy an adapter to make a micro sim into a full sized sim. Try google for details of how to do/where to buy.
It all depends if you have put your O2 sim into your iPhone. If you have then the iPhone is locked to O2 that's if it isn't already.
Yes you need to check if the iphone is unlocked otherwise orange sim will not work but your sim can be used in another phone as long as it is compatible o2. O2 normally unlock phones for free even iphones but at the moment they do not unlock 4S because it is relatively new.
You can indeed cut down the full size sim to fit the iPhone. You can also get an adapter for the microsim to fit in the other phone here for free from o2 freesim.o2.co.uk/GCq…Rbb

Maybe 2 would be beneficial? So you can use the newly cut down sim in the other phone again if need be?

I think Siri would struggle to understand



Did you ever get an answer on this? My other half has sold his iPhone to help fund our wedding and kept his sim. We now need a cheap-ish handset he can use his iPhone contract sim in!
It's on O2 and we have an adaptor but don't want to waste precious funds on a handset it won't work in. (especially as I was made redundant 10 weeks before the wedding - not the best timing!)

I'm stuck in an 02 contract with a phone I don't like, if I buy a pay as you go phone on 02 can I put the 02 contract SIM card in there will it work???
If I put my iphone contract sim in an unlocked phone would the Internet work? Or is it true iphones have a certain Internet way of working???
I've got a o2 contract can I put it into a unlocked lg phone as am worried abt data charges on the lg can you please help
I have a Samsung phone and recently got an iPhone 5, can i use my current SIM and put it in the iPhone? It says Sims already valid?
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