Can I use my Laptop Screen to use my Playstation 3?

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Found 25th Feb 2009
Currently lacking a TV as i've just moved into a new flat so was just wondering if I can use my Playstation 3 as my screen on my laptop till I get a TV to use for gaming, Sorry if this is a simple question not to techy lol


doutful, most lappys dont have a video in sorry

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I do have a VGA socket thought I had a DVI output aswell but just checked I didnt

it depends what laptop youve got really. i have a dell which i can use my wii on.

The VGA is output only - your only option is to use an express card/pcmcia capture or USB capture card but the quality is normally not great and the control lag makes them poor for gaming.


Where in London are you?
If you can get to Harlow Essex, I have a 22 inch CRT television in perfect working order you can have for free if you come and collect it.

Offer withdrawn.
Been well over a week.
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