Can I use my O2 wireless router with Plusnet?

I'm being offered a silly renewal offer by sky and now planning on moving to Plusnet. I still have the O2 router which works well, but can I use this for Plusnet? Saves me £6 Plusnet are charging for their router. Thanks


I'd say there shouldn't be any problem. Infact if the O2 router that you have is box 5 version, then it's the exact same model of router that plusnet supply. The Technicolour TG582n. Here's the plusnet broadband settings page

Actually now that I look into it more, it appears that O2 boxes have their own firmware which locks them, but apparently you can flash them to be used on other ISPs. Might just be more simple paying for a new router.
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why not call plusnet and ask? they may want to charge for their router whether you need it or not.

Does £6 really matter that much?


Does £6 really matter that much?

£6 is always better in my pocket than in others.


£6 is always better in my pocket than in others.

I'm fairly sure the router is free, the £6 charge is for delivery, a spare router must be worth £6, even if it is only used as an emergency back up.

Oh and of course it will 100% work OK with Plusnet.

I got Plusnet FIBRE two months ago and figured get the router for the sake of £6, despite having a good router anyway. Turns out I'd have been knackered otherwise, for despite there being no reason for it not to work, it refuses to. Still using their awful thing while I decide what to get as an all in one modem / router.

If you're talking about ADSL it should just work with a change of the settings, but my gut is spend the £6 just in case (annoying I know) so at least you'll have a working service.

PS Going through Quidco got quite a bit if cashback and I think you can be referred too
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I suggest you look at the precise T&Cs of the provision of a modem/router. By accepting one, in many cases it ties in to a contract for longer or with penalties should you leave that contract early. If you are technical proficient or willing to learn buying a new modem/router with a good pedigree will give you more independence in the long term - the downside being they are quite costly - far more than £6.

I use my own router and told them I didn't want theirs when I signed up 3 yrs ago. Had no problems, all you need is the log on settings which they happily provide.
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