can I use my own engineers to Inspect my vehicle other than my insurance companys engineer???

    Been involved in a crash which was not my fault. The insurance company will send engineer to inspect my vehicle, can I use my own engineer to indirect abd make a report???

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    Simple answer NO sorry

    yep definitely a no

    no it will be in your policy also stating that

    Hope Ben is ok and makes a full recovery.

    Ellie Phant

    Hope Ben is ok and makes a full recovery.


    I would
    Go ahead as long as your or their insurance accept it as an independent report from a credible garage
    Usually these insurance engineers give kick backs to their insurance company so you get any repairs through their garage
    Remember its still your car so haggle and don't leave any valuables if they want to take it away (if poss write-off)


    The answer is yes! One of our cars was involved in an accident, which was not our fault. The car is only a few months old. When the insurance came out to inspect it they wanted to fit door skins and a second hand bumper. I refused an told them I wanted brand new doors and bumper. I appointed my own garage and eventually got what I requested. Our car was a big car and I need boot space for the pram an likes, but the only wanted to give me a ford Ka as a hire car, I also refused this and they the gave me a car the same size as mine! Insurance company's always try it on!

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the response! everything is sorted now. its my LEGAL right to have my own independent engineers, my own cat hire company etc other then my insurances. Ov instructed my insurance company to close the case. I will be dealing with this whole thing myself via my own solicitors as their is strong evidence against the 3rd party so they will admit liability.
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