can i use shared documents as a way of getting data from one pc to another

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Found 28th Jan 2007
can i use shared documents as a way of getting data from one pc to another using a internet network,my bro has a computer downstairs,which everyone used,iv just bought my own,on my bros comp he has all my music videos and itunes and general stuff like that which is mine,the bad thing is he hasnt got a dvd drive,so i cant transfer it all onto black dvd discs,someone mentioned that i could use the shared documents,how would this work.iv just tried putting one picture in my shared documents on MY pc,and then went down stairs to the other pc to see if the same picture had been copied there,and it im now pickled,what should i do.and whats the easiest way to transfer all my itunes and videos.

would it work if i plugged my ipod into MY computer,is there a option where i can get all the songs of the ipod and onto my this possible

iv recently bought a computer magazine,which included a free disc in it,one the disc is a few programs,one of them is a internet storage program,its called diino if anyones heard of it,i was thinking of setting a account up,going on my bros comp and then loading all of the data on the storage program, then going on my comp,setting up the diino software and then transfer it onto my computer.would this be suitable to use

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Enable disk use on your iPod in iTunes and you should be able to put all sorts of files on your iPod, making it just like an external hard drive (I think). Then install on your PC which will take all the stuff from the iPod onto your PC.

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can you put videos on the ipod and use it the samme way,i have the new nano

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is there no way i can do it through shared folders,because i have to buy that copy pod,because im only limited to 100 songs because its trial version,is there any way i can get it for free,from any download sites or anything.

You should be able to set up a special network that will allow you to get files from one computer to the other. Have a look in you control panel then network connections. This will work if you use the same net connection for both comps. Though I unfortunatley don't know too many details as i'm more of a user then a techie when it comes to this stuff.
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