Can I use this device to network a USB printer

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Found 7th Feb 2010
rather than buying a USB print server, can I use the device below to connect the USB printer to my router and then use it as a network printer??? Or am a barking up the wrong tree?


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I don't know, but that's an interesting looking gadget!

I'd say probably not!

How much does the little thing cost, if it very cheap then worth a try

Do you have a link??

Just looks like a usb to ethernet converter which would allow you to use a usb device on a ethernet cable.

There was a post earlier about a wireless USB hub. I'll have a look for it.

Don't know what that little adapter will do but I share my printer over the network by using file-and-printer sharing. Needs the computer which the printer is connected to, to be turned on though.

If you're thinking about spending that, you might as well either:
[*]Just buy a BT Homehub (which has a usb port in the back and allows you to network a USB printer)
[*]Or buy a wireless printer.

One the the best printers around that do that is the Canon MP range i have the MP600R had this machine for 5 years cheap to run (i mean very) and duplex printing too

Better than epson printers anytime, and for photo`s

Not unless the printer specifically states it supports ethernet over USB.
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