Can I use this monitor as a tv?

    Thought it was a good price


    It has a HDMI input, so you could plug a reciever into it if the reciever has an HDMI output.

    I can't see anything to indicate the monitor has built in speakers though, so getting sound might be an issue. It has a headphone socket, but that's all it says. You need to pull the manual down or ask the retailer.

    Not the best option I think.

    As a video input yes, but not so sure as a TV.

    Unless you plan to attaching a freeview/sky/tv box via HDMI to in, but still then you would have to attach additional speakers to get sound.

    Looked at the manual and it doesn't have speakers. You would be better looking for a TV that could double up as a monitor I think, rather than the other way around.

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    Thanks for the responses, much appreciated!
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