can i use this router with virgin media broadband?…8-2

Been looking all day but if this is ok then I'm buying it so please help


would have a look if i could look at the link

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sorry about that, if ya could have a look that would be great


better off ringing the seller

Envizage Solutions Ltd Customer Service Contact
]Contact this seller Phone: 08452990393

virgin media give routers out free dont they?

It should be fine for Virgin cable connection. It is not ADSL router, but only cable router with ETHERNET connectors. Full spec. is here:…d=3


4 10/100M LAN Ports
1 10/100M WAN Port


virgin media give routers out free dont they?

Should do, just call and ask. If they refuse as for account cancellation dept and ask for one or else. Worked for me.
Only problem with my VM router is that it constantly disconnects and I am unable to "get in to it" to change any settings. VM for some reason will not give me the access details or a replacement.
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