Can I wash and dry a soft toy with polystyrene ball filling?

Posted 10th Oct 2017
Bought a very large soft toy but it is filthy, unfortunately it's filled with small polystyrene balls so can't be machine washed. I've tried various dry type cleaners but they haven't touched the dirt, soaped it up a little yesterday but still looks filthy as I'm afraid to get it too wet. Does anyone know if I can actually wet and soap the toy properly without it destroying the filling, I'm frightened it'll never dry out and just go mouldy inside!Googling hasn't helped as most articles say don't wash but then don't give an alternative method of cleaning, other than shaking in a bag of baking powder! Any advice and help appreciated.
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Can you make a slit at a seam, empty the balls into a bin bag and then wash the 'cover'. You can replace the balls or use the old ones if they are clean.
polystyrene doesnt hold water so I would go ahead and machine wash it. Maybe at low temp because the outside is likely to shrink.
Thanks. Did think of emptying the toy but not sure how I'd get all the balls back in properly, toy is huge around 4' high with arms and legs! All the info I've come across online say these type of toys shouldn't be machine washed due to the inside filling not drying properly and going mouldy. So I'll probably have to resort to emptying it, I think if I start using soap the toy's just going to get soaked when I try to rinse it off.
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