Can lcd monitors be used as tv's...?

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Found 1st Jun 2007
As the title suggests I'm considering a small(20"-ish) tv for a new conservatory and I'm wondering if its possible since there can be a big difference in price between a proper tv and monitor. Lokking to connect cable box.
Any suggestions folks??
PS. 1st post so be gentle....


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Generally the answer to your question is no, most monitors only have analogue and perhaps DVI in but no provision for connecting a SCART cable (I'm guessing that is the output of your cable box?)

Something like this is more like what you are after (£95 delivered after google-checkout): ebuyer.com/UK/…359

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Cheers jah for your reply. I know you can get Scart to vga cables fairly cheap. Your recommendation looks good but the missus would like sometrhing a wee bit bigger and silver. I was wondering (apart from any connection problems) would there be anything to stop a tv signal from being transmitted properly on screen. Ta.

Yes, with something like ]this, but only if you don't need tuner.
If tuner is required, then you can get external device, which will provide such functionality. Something like ]this.

In addition to this, many DVD players got VGA output, so it can be plugged into monitor directly, without any need for an adaptor.

There are some larger monitors that have more connectivity - component and SVideo in etc, which could be easily connected to your cable box, but these tend to cost quite a bit more. Your best bet is probably to get one of the televisions based on a monitor screen (it will have 1280x1024 resolution) but will also have scart inputs and speakers. You pay a bit more than you would a monitor (you will be paying for a TV tuner that you are not using) but the ease of connecting it (and extras like the remote control) will probably make it worth it.

19" silver model for about £141 ebuyer.com/UK/…480
20" silver model for about the same (not as good when used as a monitor mind) £142 ebuyer.com/UK/…104

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Cheers guys for your replies. Given me food for thought and options available.
Will look on the boards for another couple days and make my purchase. Ta!:thumbsup:
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