Can members host a giveaway?

Found 24th Dec 2017
Just I have about 50+ brand new & Boxed Phone Cases and screen protecters and I want rid lmaoo x

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Please may I have one?

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I was wanting to do some sort of giveaway I have all the new phones and some old I’ll see if I have a pic x

I think you can host them

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There’s lots more x

Anything for p10?

Maybe use the same engine as g2a in hosting giveaway and put it under the freebies tab?

Which phone are the glitter cases for?

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iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung A3, A5, J3, J5, Galaxy 8, Sony and huwaii (sp?) lol x

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Do you have anything for the iPhone 7
kind Regard

Anything for iPhone 6 would be appreciated

Wouldn’t mind anything for a iPhone 6 or 7 please.

The answer is yes you probably could do a give away. Though you probably wouldn’t be allowed to charge postage. Which in turns makes it a sale, unless for cost. Even then if you can’t you are out of pocket.

A p9 lite case would make my xmas if you have one?

Sell them as a joblot.. gumtree shpock etc
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