can my computer run a 2k monitor?

Found 31st Jul 2018
Hello im trying to find out if my HP ENVY m6-1310ea laptop can run a 2k monitor? Its mainly for watching videos and playing poker using both laptop screen and the monitor.

The monitor im interested in is this…c=1
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Yes it can. You need to right click on your desktop and select Intel Graphic Settings/Display/Multiple Displays/ and select Extended Desktop.


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There's one problem you're going to run into, your wallpaper will look off with two different screen resolutions. You need to right click on your desktop and select Personalise. Under Background, click on Browse and select your wallpaper then after you picked you can right click on the picture for monitor 1 or 2, you can have 2 different wallpapers.

This will display the wallpaper properly on your 1440 monitor.

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It's the actual resolution that matters. Broad TV-style categorisations like '2k' that lump half a dozen or more different resolutions together aren't helpful in this context.

You have linked the monitor though, so we know it's 2560x1440 and has HDMI and DisplayPort inputs. Being a model currently on sale it's likely to accept that resolution through both HDMI and DisplayPort (earlier versions of HDMI were limited to 1920x1080).

Looking up your laptop it has HDMI and VGA outputs and dates from 2013-2014:…802

That page doesn't specify which resolutions it supports. It can vary between laptops with the same headline hardware so you really need machine-specific information to be 100% sure.

However, by that date VGA support had mostly dropped to below the necessary resolution, while HDMI ports almost always supported up to 2560x1600.

In short, it should work with an HDMI cable.
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