Can my laptop run Football Manager 2007?

Found 9th Aug 2007
Hiya, i have a new laptop, don't know the specs of FM07.. just wondering if anyone knows them and knows if my samsung can handle it.

Samsung R20
Vista Premium
Intel Core 2 Duo 1.66ghz
ATI Radeon Xpress 1250
1GB Ram
It's rated 3.7 by the Experiance Program..

Anyone know if it'll run it?
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Yeah it should do.
easy my friend

since football manager is a load of text u mainly need a decent cpu and graphics card is not needed

my brother plays fm07 on these specs

Intel pentium M 1.7
1024 ram
onboard graphics
40gb hard drive

while its doesnt fly through stuff it more than manages a decent speed

so im guessing with your core 2 duo and 1gb ram it should be no problem


Thanks for the info! Will pick it up from game for £10 tomorrow! I know 08 is out soon.. but 07 is £10! Was still playing 05 up until 2 weeks ago!
What about 256MB ram?
What are your other specs?
More important bits taken from the back of the box:

PC minimum spec

Windows 98 above
P3 800mhz
1024x768 colour display
650MB HDD space
I wouldn't tend to agree the game is enjoyable at those specs. If you want to enjoy the full game, including having access to jobs in different countries, a P4 3.00ghz and 1GB ram is probably an absolute must.

Don't get me wrong, it will work but you will waiting a long time for games to simulate.
So i should have no problems? Off to get it today!
When's 08 out ?

I've just got back into 07 lol

When's 08 out ?I've just got back into 07 lol

October. :thumbsup:
yeah for speedy smooth games

i recommend 1gb ram or at the least 512mb
Oh the days wasted on FM, what are the specs for the mac?
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