Can no claims on a motorbike insurence be used for car insurance ?

    I have 4 years no claims on a motorbike, i am looking to get a car, can you use the no claims from a bike on car insurance?


    afraid not - they are treated as seperate

    No not in my experience - the question does come up when you get a quote but your no claims won't count

    could always give your insurance company a ring and ask them....worst they can do is say no...worth a shot

    A friend of mine got a good quote using their no claims from their motorcycle with Carol Nash insurance co.

    If the company insuring your bike also offer car insurance they may transfer it.
    Failing that, they'd probably give you an enhanced introductory bonus.
    Doesn't mean they'd be the cheapest though.

    yes LV insurance or Tesco insurance except bike no claims to car they say if you have 3 or more years no claims on big bike they will transfer it
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