Can old scalextric cars be used on sport track?

Found 4th Mar 2009
As above if anyone knows the answer that would be great, thanks
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No it cant, Ive tried it myself with cars from the mighty metro set on sport track the guides are completely different as is the way the braids fit in.
Yes they can, you get converter pieces to link classic and sport track... I assume Harizrter is refferring to the guides/brades being interchangeable??? BUT the TRACK slots are definately compatible m8...
ok now I'm confused, any chance on a heads up on where I can get converters if it is possible?
can't see anything on scalextric website?

Ok I've found the 2 sport to classic converter straights for the track, but wht about the cars? Surely if the tracks can be joined then the cars must run on it the same?

Those are the converters that allow you to connect up old track to the new sport track...

Therefore if your cars worked on the classic track, they will work on the new track

IWANTBLUE;4551827 are the converters that allow you to connect up old track to the new sport track...Therefore if your cars worked on the classic track, they will work on the new track :)Nick...

must have had dodgy cars then as mine didnt sit in the groove properly just slightly too wide although they was second hand so maybe had cheap aftermarket replacements?
I have a shop selling Scalextric and old cars work on ALL track.

I think that Harlzter is reffering to the guide blades which on the newer models are the push in type.

Do the cars have full braid covering the guide blade - If they are worn then they will not provide adequate connection to the track and therefore will not run? The other thing that springs to mind is that the pinions have broken - you will know if they have as the engine will go but the wheels will ot turn.

If you need any more help just give me a shout.
thank you, that's great. I was offered an old set but wasn't sure if it would be any good to work with the sport track I bought at crimbo.

Just need to buy a converter set cheap now, ebay here I come
Some old Scalextric cars can be used on modern Sport track, it depends on the type of Scalextric guide fitted. Scalextric cars with the pin guides can have have problems with cross overs and other areas of the track where a guide blade is needed. Any old Scalextric car with a guide blade will work on Sport track as long as the tyres are in great grippy condition or you fit a Neodymium magnet.

The best tyres are the MAX Grip tyres as these are very grippy which is needed as the Scalextric Sport track offers less mechanical grip than the earlier Classic track. All the parts needed to upgrade your Scalextric cars can be found at

If you need further help then please get in touch.
Everything Service3 says is true especially about the sports track being less grippy. I use theclassic track - mainly because I have WAY too much of it but also because it's a better racing surface in my experience. Such a shame as the Sport stuff has a much better design how it clips together. About the tyres, I now make my own and after much experimentation, I make pretty grippy black tyres for any car I have - which is great I can tell you with the amount of cars I have amassed!
I have just bought a Hot racing set from Smyths toy store, not a well known brand. The cars that came with the set work fine. However, I bought a Carrera go infiniti red bull rb9 1-43 model and it does not work properly. on this track. Do scalextric cars 1-32 work on any track as I would like to add to the cars I have. Any advice?
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