can orange get rid of credit on a sim after a certain time?

    hi all, i bought a san fran and have saved the sim which has £10 on it for orange wednesdays which could last a while. my dad said that orange could or may cancel the credit after a certain length of time. is this true ?



    happened to my vodafone sim before so guessing so.

    Normally, if no chargeable calls are made within 90 days, or similar, the sim is deactivated. Which as you may gather the credit goes with it.

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    ah, that might explain my problem then.

    I've always had a second phone (Motorola) on Orange that was PAYG and was only used every 6 months or so to get a 241 ticket.
    Recently I upgraded to a San Fran and deactivated my regular Orange sim (on a Sony Ericsson) and transferred the number to Giffgaff.
    I've just tried the old 2nd sim (from Motorola) in the Sony Ericsson phone - but get nothing but a sim error.

    The rule is, you must make one chargeable call/text every 180 days AND topup at least once every 3 years!
    If you do that the credit/sim is safe. . .

    This is maybe a stupid question:

    In my example, the Motorola was always on PAYG and the Sony Ericsson was always a contract. Would that make a difference even when both phones are locked to Orange?
    I haven't tried the sim back in the old motorola to prove this, as its dead and charger has gone missing. (hence my decision on reusing it in my Sony)

    The phone isn't the factor. Its the sim that's the part that the network charge against. Its how often it's used.

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    O2 shut my sim down and took my credit, I spoke to someone on their online messaging thingy and said it was a work phone and I needed that number, he said well nothing has happened on it for 2 years, and I said it's the recession... so they reinstated it and gave me my credit back. Now I get all my mobiles to text each other once every couple of months, Must remember to top up though.
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