can over 80 people get a low user telephone deal

    i find land line easy to use


    If you are just using a phone for low use then a landline these days makes little sense as the cost of one is frankly stupid at ~£15 per month in just line rental.

    Have you considered getting a low use SIM and buying a GSM telephone. Gives you the cheap running costs + a telephone that feels like a landline.…TIE - As an example of what you can get, you can also pick wireless versions with charging docks too.

    Only if you are on low income, not age related. You can get mobile phones that have big buttons and are easy to use like a landline phone. You can get get a cheap sim deal like £4.95 per month which gives you 600 minutes a month. You can often get unlimited minutes deals for less than £10 per month if you pay attention.
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