Can people help me with the name of a movie

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Found 29th Mar 2010
Alright I was watching armageddon the other day, but can't remember another film that I'm thinking of that's similar, can anyone name another film where there is an asteroid heading for earth?
Any helps appreciated.

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Deep Impact?


Deep Impact?

This, was released pretty close to Armageddon iirc

There's one simply called Asteroid and another called Meteor. I think there's another called Meteorites. They're clearly a creative bunch.

A Fire in the Sky is another. Deep Impact, too, although it's already been said.


Deep Impact?

This. Had Morgan Freeman in. Gotta love the Freeman.

Depp Impasse

Original Poster

I think it's deep impact or asteroid, thanks guys!
Will rep you guys tonight sometime, just watching man vs food

if it was at the same time as armageddon then it was deep impact, which was released by dreamworks who were trying to upsatge disney by releasing it a few weeks before armageddon. they had done this with a few other films too antz/bugs life. just a wee bit of useless information.

Cheesy Impact as I like to call it, what a piece of poo this film is.

Mind you, seeing Armageddon for the first time in years shows how far films have come since then!! Still think it is a splendid film.
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