Posted 24th May 2020
Almost feel embarrassed to ask given this is my day job, but I'm out of ideas short of resetting it, which imo is admitting defeat... Have a synology 218 nas, had been configured to use my old asus router. Since the switch over to sky I haven't bothered connecting it, until now...

Synology assistant can see it, but lists status as 'connection failed' fair enough, I'm now using a different subnet. Have assigned a new static IP which is successful, I can ping it from laptop, still can't connect via webbrowers, can see from Synology assistant. Have connected directly to laptop ethernet, set laptop to dhcp, have assigned dynamic IP to the NAS box now.. still can't connect.
Have turned all firewalls off, only using IP4 on lan. Trying to connect over port 5000, not blocked on sky router. I can browse the NAS from windows explorer, I just can't get in to the damn setup utility to restart onedrive service.

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