Can some one give me some advice on a modem please?

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Found 1st Jan 2008
Hi Guys and Girls,

can some one please advise me ( with link if poss ) on what would be a good modem to buy to use with a netgear sky broadband router which i was given, i am on talktalk and to be honist not sure which modem would be best, will the router work ok as it was ment for sky broadband, i currently have a old usb plug in type modem.

any help would be very welcome ! thanks guys and girls

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your router IS your modem

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how stupid do i feel right now ! lol
thanks shanecr, will try to work out why i can't get it to work then

its possible your router is 'locked' to sky though im sure they can be unlocked, just google it and im sure something will pop up. either that or use the manual to find out how to access the routers config pages and ammend them to connect to talktalk instead

maybe this can help..]http//ww…tml

Some ISP's who give a free router will lock it to their service so it has to be unlocked or flashed.

I had to do this with a BT business router so I could use it with my provider.

Nowadays a modem and router are usually combined.

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Thanks guys for all your help ! will try to get it to work with the all the advice you have given me, again thanks and happy new year !

to get into the basic settings, connect the router to your network card and type in into internet explorer, it should then ask you to login, the login details should be
username: admin
Password: sky

Hope this helps!
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