can some one please give me a £5 iTunes card code please thanks in advance xxxx

    Can some 1 PM me a £5 iTunes gift card code please thanks xxxxx



    For free? That's not going to happen.. Those x's aint going to make it more likely either.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    I've got one if you PayPal gift me £10 you can have it!

    So cheeky

    Sure, just sent via PM

    Soz, only got a 25 pound one

    why don't you get a job then you can afford one instead of scourging and pretending to be a girl putting xxxx so you can get one lol

    can i have a £400 CEX voucher please? i promise im a damsel in distress X)

    May I ask why you would like someone to give you a £5 tunes voucher? It seems a modest request, personally I would like a someone to give me a costa voucher as I quite fancy one of their new Christmas hot chocolates .
    Edited by: "tinkerbellian" 4th Nov 2016

    Could someone pm their deeds to their house, thanks xxxx

    marky mark

    Could someone pm their deeds to their house, thanks xxxx

    5 x's for £5 itunes voucher.u r missing a few x's at the end of your request
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