Can somebody help re slow cooker & beef

    Have been getting a slow cooker and as of yet my cook book has not arrived so was just wondering how to go about this. For a party i am going to slow cook a joint of beef so it can be shredded easily to make hot beef buns with gracy & onions. Anybody got any ideas recipees times etc on how to do this. Thanks.


    Google has many answers. or are you being lazy? :whistling:

    Original Poster

    Thanks i know what I'm doing now!!!

    everyones had corned beef but who as had real corn beef , joint of beef bay leaf good measure vinegar half a bottle water cloves salt leave it on slow 8 hrs then cool and cut , differant but everyones tried corned beef so good talking point its nice honest

    Recipe? we stick ours in with about a cup full of water and an onion for about 5-6 hours, job done.
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