Can Somebody Please Help With An itunes Problem?

    Whenever I try opening itunes I get an error message saying 'itunes cannot run because some of it's required files are missing. Please reinstall itunes' But if I do this will I have to add all my music again? I updated itunes the other day and I'm getting this message ever since.
    Thanks for any help.


    try uninstalling itunes then installing it again.
    If this fails uninstall it then delete the itunes folder situated in the music folder then install itunes again.
    Had similar problem with my iphone and the later solved the problem.
    hope this helps

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    Help … Help here:

    Tried that and thought it was going to work but no joy, tried restarting the computer but still nothing.
    Thanks for the help tho.

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    I've sorted it now. Went onto the apple website and downloaded it from there, half way through it asked me if I wanted to delete and reinstall itunes (which means I would have to put all my music on again) or fix any problems with my current itunes. I did the latter and everything is fine now. Just thought I'd post incase anybody else is having the same problems.
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