can somebody please put 50p in the meter ?


    can see 4 comments but can only see 1 reply :O


    They need to turn it off and back on again, fixes everything.

    I dont like it.... I dont do change, breakaway site anyone?


    are we back in the eighties ? feels like I'm on my old zx spectrum


    They need to turn it off and back on again, fixes everything.

    (not recommended for life support machines)

    either that or go back to how it was... my opinion if it ain't broke don't f**k with it !!

    Original Poster SuperEd

    whats that saying... if its not broken dont try and fix it :P


    Wow. Incredibly slow.

    I dont like it !!!!!!!

    Original Poster SuperEd

    oh i can see some replies but still frozen pm's and errors anybody got the link to the beta misc page cant find it and vanished off my page

    they are a few threads (links) that when you click then breaks back a server error? Don't like site the one bit, why fix summit thats not broken?

    Fatal error: Class Item_Webpage contains 1 abstract method and must therefore be declared abstract or implement the remaining methods (Application_Webpage::process_security) in /home/admin/domains/…php on line 25
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