Can somebody recommend a folding electric bike

    Hi guys,

    I have started a new job and they offer really good shower facilities so I am considering cycling to work. The company doesn't have a cycle to work scheme but I am happy to buy something as I will end up saving a lot in the long run.

    Can anybody recommend a folding electric bike? The bike must be fold able as I do not have any storage space at home for the bike.

    The one I found so far is the Coyote Connect Folding Electric Bike:…ike

    Its priced at £479.99

    My journey will be 15 miles each way.


    I don't envy you doing 30 miles each day on a bike with tiny wheels even if it's electric but the one you have stated is best value for money

    Have a look at this one it's made by Viking a British company and sold on Ideal World shopping channel it's 399.99 + £10.99 delivery charge, my neighbour has one and he uses it to travel to work 4 miles there 4 mile back and it still has plenty of charge left.…KXQ
    They also sell a Coyote Energy for £399.99 + Delivery.…158?fh_location=//idealworld/en_gb/[email protected];{1002}/[email protected];{11345}
    Both of these bikes can do 15 miles but would require charging to get you home.
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    Can't match your price but you may find this of interest.
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