Can someone advise a laptop?


    Ill let everyone know what i want to do with it, and see what happens. My budget in reality is anything under £400 so hoping i can get what i want.

    All i need the latop to do is everyday stuff, going on the net etc, nothing strenuous at all, apart from i want to be able to connect it up to my TV every now and again to play HD movies etc without stutter ETC. So HDMI would be a bonus, optical out again would be terrific if i could get that.

    Other than that, providing it can do what i ask, hard drive size, optical drives etc i dont rfeally mind what they are

    Can any one advise?

    Out of curiosity, the one i have spotted so far that i thought looked ok was this, can i get better for my money?…-89

    I know there are a lot of people on here with infiinately more wisdom than me when it comes to IT stuff, so any help would be appreciated!!



    HP make which is good

    Cire i3 processor which is good

    Says it has HDMI out which is good.

    Memory, hard disk, and other features all fine (without being exceptional).

    I have no idea if it really has got £100 off (knowing Currys probably not). I note that Currys, Dixons, and PC World all have it at £399 (they are all part of the same company).

    There are hundreds of laptops at around the £400 so hard to say a best, but I would say this is a fair deal at £399.

    Original Poster

    i think its actually 379 (or close) as i tried a discount code that i found somewhere to take 5% off and it seemed to work but obviously before i bought it i got cold feet and asked on here first before i go through with it

    One thing I will urge you to consider is the laptop failure rate, for example buy an HP and there is a 1 in 4 chance that you'll end up with a brick in 3 years.... that's what happened to mine! I've attached the results of a study below (Nothing to do with me, just found it as 4 notebooks failed in my immediate family within days of each other)

    Taking that into account and you needs and price range I'd recommend ]ASUS UL30A that was listed here about a month ago and at the time of writing is still in stock!

    Hope that helps!
    ]Source here in PDF format


    I got one of these, the portability and long battery life are big … I got one of these, the portability and long battery life are big pluses:]

    Plus she is a tidy looking we thing

    Original Poster

    choices choices! The other machines ive seen on here all look good, but now am worried about the HP failing if that table is anything to go by.
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