Can someone advise me o best James Bond boxset please?!

    I have found quite a few and prices are really varied, and adding the fact that I know nothing about James Bond and normally avoid at all costs, I have no idea which one I should go for.

    This one seems the cheapest…a36

    The one I was originally looking at one Amazon has sold out but did find 2 one Marshall Ward which seem the same to me!…010…367

    Any advice greatly appreciated!


    Those look well dodgy copies reading the blurb.

    21 films for £36.

    These are foreign manufactured DVD sets and may have foreign writing on boxes (note: the cover might not look exact the same as the picture above) and/or the discs.

    These DVDs play in original English and are guaranteed to play in all DVD Players.

    100% FREE replacement guarantee! We will replace any defective disk for FREE.

    Although the sets are foreign manufactured, the sets are brand new, licensed, legal, factory made high quality DVDs.

    DO NOT BUY FROM IOOGAME. They are an illegal site. I made the mistake of ordering 26 DVDs from them and they all arrived in plastic wallets. Half of them didn't work and the other half were in a foreign language. I have complained to them until I'm blue in the face but they will not respond. Please join my group on Facebook "IOOGAME IS A RIP-OFF" and let's get this site struck off. Google have even removed all their adverts because of the amount of complaints they received.

    Just Bought the sopranos box set. they arrived in 4 days.

    excellent quality of packaging and disks. I honestly cant see how these are fake.

    for the price its a bargain.

    (after reading all previous post though I will keep any future purchases to minimal cost)
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