Can someone answer some Skype questions that I have

    Ok now I wanted Skype for 2 main reasons, one is some friends use it so it would be free to talk to each other and I dont have a landline so have a family member not that well off who cant afford to ring my mobile so wanted to put it on my 3 phone.

    A few questions, one do you have to buy the Skype number and is the PC account also valid for a 3 phone?

    Secondly does anyone have any idea how to set up Skype on a 3 phone.


    You dont get a new number with Skype, and it works with 3,
    You should have it on your phone already and you set-up an account or you should be able to also download with a usb

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    Ok so do you have to purchase the number for the 3 or 12 month thing or cna you just add credit and get one?

    you can download skype to your computer free, the number for your skypw phone is the sameas your 3 number,you just need to activate skype on your phone with a user name and password.
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