Can someone clarify what paypal gift is...i cant see it on here

    Can someone please clarify what paypal gift is i know its something to do with paypal charges but not sure who ends up paying.
    As an example...if i want to sell a game on the site and want £10 clear profit after postage do i say £10 and £2 for postage...or just say £12...and where does the paypal gift come in...
    Thanks...i have tried to search the site for this answer but cant seem to find it.


    Gift, is exactly that. no1 pays any fees, however PayPal wont offer any insurance to the buyer if he/she wants his/her money back.

    i.e if you sell somthing for £12, ask to have £12 gifted to you.
    You will recive all £12. However the buyer wont have a leg to stand on if you dont send him the item.

    Paypal Gift money transfers don't incur charges to receive money from another person. This does however mean you aren't covered by any paypal insurance, but any transfers outside of eBay have minimal cover.

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    That seems great weird they dont get anything.

    Can you clarify what i should do with regards to postage....should i split it or say £12 delivered.

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    Sorry just read your full answer.

    Thanks for need to get a load of my sons games to sell...gathering far too much dust...

    Also, as far as I'm aware you have to have balance in your paypal account or a bank account linked to your account to send via PP gift, you can't use money from a credit card for PP gift for example.

    Gift is a great way to sell for the seller, however its always best to make sure that the buyer is fully aware that paypal wont offer insurance when sending money as a gift.
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