Can someone comment on the Aqua Sana Longleat?

Found 15th Nov 2009
I did find 1-2 reviews only online. Center Parcs overall have alot of feedback, but i want review about their spa only as to how clean, noisy, tranquil etc etc etc it is?

so any first hand experiences? rep will be added
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I cant believe no one here went to this spa before?
Well I've googled it and found out that it exists but didn't bother to read, so I cannot add anything to that!!
Aqua sana = healthy water,I suppose, so it sounds a bit pretentious but have a dip and let us know.
We went to Longleat a couple of years ago and are currently looking to book again - the Aqua Sana there is fabulous. I had a facila when I was expecting my youngest and it was truly amazing, like nothing I'd every experienced before !! Very tranquil surroundings and no pressure to stay or go - will deffo be going again on my next visit.
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