Can someone confirm how a NAS device works please?

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Found 7th Jul 2010
Currently looking at sorting our laptops and network out. We have 3 laptops one with XP one vista and one windows 7 starter.
I was going to buy a new PC to act as a main storage area for all music, videos and photos but now realise I probably wouldnt sit at it as I like my new netbook for everyday use. I think after doing a bit of reading that what would be good for the family would be a NAS device. As i understand it this connects to the network and then all laptops can get what they want from this NAS device.
Does it have to be directly connected to the routher or can it be wireless.
Does each laptop have to have the NAS software installed in it.
CAn someone confirm thsi would be a good idea for our house. It would be for itunes, videos and photos and possibly my sons PS3 games if that was possible.
I presume i would also need another external drive to act as a back up incase the NAS device broke.
If anyone could recommend one i would appreciate it particularly one that would be easy to understand.
Thanks and sorry to go on a bit.

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Many NAS devices dont need software, the software is mainly used for backup purposes, so you could install this on one machine if you wish.

NAS are designed to be cabled, so unless they say different you will have to hook it up to your router/switch. They are very convinient as you just leave it on and it will dish out the data to whoever needs it.

You wouldnt be able to put your ps3 games on it as thats copyright firstly, second the ps3 doesnt load games off a hard drive unless partitioned to fat32 which is pretty pointless.

With windows you have the option to add a "network" drive, within my computer, so you would add the NAS as that and browse read write etc to the drive's as you wish.

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Thank you. Not bothered about the PS3 it was just a thought. This will hopefully help clear the clutter off the laptops as well. Sorry not sure how to leave rep for you but will try and remember when i figure it out.
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