can someone confirm that this is wired and wireless…785

    im thinking of getting this router for my VM 10MB services,does anyone have any experience with this router,could someone also confirm that it will take wired and wireless

    i have a xbox 360 that will plug into it wired,and my desktop which will be plugged into it though a wired ethernet cable and i have my brothers computer downstairs that will be wireless.

    It states it wireless but just wondering if it takes wired aswell :thumbsup:


    Well it does say connects via ethernet, which is the cable used for the 360 and it also has a range of 300 metres so sounds like it does both of what your asking

    Most wireless routers have 4 wired ports on the back of them. (some ironically only have one!). This unit has 4 wired ports as well as the wireless.

    I have the version before that currenty running my 10MB NTL/Virgin BB and I have the PC and Wii running wireless and the PS3 running wired.

    You will have no problem with this unit and your PC / 360 combination.

    Oh, and if you have not already noticed, I'm a Belkin afficionardo and would not recommend anything else

    Hope that helps.

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    hi simon wondering if you could help me then if you know your stuff on belkins,iv just bought this router and iv just set it up,internets working aswell.

    i checked if would work with port forwarding with utorrent,anyway i went on the link that utorrent supllies for help on port forwarding and it says

    "To setup port forwarding on this router your computer needs to have a static ip address"

    but i think iv heard that VM doesnt operate with static IP's so i thought ???

    Like you i have the 10mb service,any advice

    do you know if that website is wrong or whether VM can do static IP's.

    Must admit I could not get Utorrent working either, so I went with Azureus which works without any other settings needed.

    If you are downloading a lot dump the torrents and go with a usenet provider, much better

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    at least i know its not just my computer now,thanks for that simon.i was on azureus before utorent but someone recommended utorrent and i though it was amazing.i dont get it though,it was working before i had vista tut

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    simon,do you know how i add a wireless device to the router,my brother has a linksys wireless G PCI card in the back of his computer,but the network is not finding it. Do you have any ideas what could be the problem
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