Can someone do me a favour regarding CEX

    ok so if i give someone my copy of Virtua Tennis 09 can they trade it in for rush hour 3 blu ray please

    vt09 trade in value is a tenner
    rush hour 3 is 8 pound

    so you gain 2 pound as that will pay for p+p

    so anyone to do me a big favour

    these are the stores that stock rush hour

    Basingstoke 1-3
    Bradford 1-3
    Camden 1-3
    Cardiff 1-3
    Cheltenham 1-3
    Croydon - George St 1-3
    Gloucester 1-3
    Huddersfield 1-3
    Lincoln 1-3
    Lisburn 1-3
    Londonderry 1-3
    Maidstone 1-3
    Middlesbrough 1-3
    Northampton 1-3
    Stevenage 1-3
    Stockport 1-3
    Stratford 1-3
    Streatham 1-3
    Uxbridge 1-3
    Woking 1-3
    Wolverhampton 1-3


    sorry but seems fishy why dont you do it yourself you can send them in and get free delivery it seems u went to a lot of trouble to look up stores


    ok if someone wants £2 in cex credit, but dont think royal mail accept that - lol

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    i never knew tht lol

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