Can someone educate me... PS3?!?

    Is it correct that only the 60GB version of the console will playback PS1 and 2 games?



    all ps3's will play ps1 games but the 60 gig is the only one that can play ps2 games

    i got 1 don't bother ps2 games are crap i bought some and forgot how bad they actualy are.......just buy any if you defo want a ps3

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    Right, cheers fella's!

    Yes, the 60gb is the only one to play ps2 games, although they all play singstar ps2 games provided you have at least one ps3 singstar game.
    I bought one for this reason but to be honest once you start playing ps3 games you probably won't bother with ps2 games!

    Yus! You are right!
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