Can someone explain to me clearly about the Samsung Upgrade Programme?

Found 24th Aug 2017Edited by:"ColdDeals"
Hi, I do not get the Samsung upgrade programme will someone explain to me about it?
  • Buy an eligible product, and choose the upgrade programme as your payment option at checkout
  • A year later, you’ll be invited to apply to upgrade to the latest launched product on the programme
  • Send your product back, in good working condition, and we’ll close off your existing plan
  • Once approved a new agreement will start for a 24 month period, which is subject to credit status

Send your phone back in good working conditions but then would you have wasted money on the phone and your pretty much leasing the phone for 1 year?
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You appear to understand it.
termite12 m ago

You appear to understand it.

After 2mins I get it now, thanks for saying I understand it now
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