Can someone explain to me what Quidco is and what it does?

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Found 10th Oct 2009

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Quidco is the web's cashback cooperative. Quidco collects referral commissions from online merchants and passes them all on to our members. The Quidco cooperative is a cashback revolution where members keep their full earnings in exchange for giving Quidco £5 out of their earnings once a year.

The Quidco model works for both the merchant and you. It enables the merchant to reach a large base of motivated savvy buyers and it enables you to get back big savings by buying from merchants who participate in the model.


Not seen one of these threads in minutes!!!! :giggle:


There are other cashback sites too, some of them don't charge, ie. Quidco charges the first £5 per year out of any earnings.

This type of cashback is not guaranteed, and you need to ensure that your pc doesn't contain cookies from the retailer, as these often prevent any 'tracking' of the sale.

I, and many others, have earned loads of money back from our purchases, I'm a bit anti quidco atm, as lots of stuff hasn't tracked, and their support for investigating stuff that has tracked, but didn't pay, has also been 3rd rate.

Free money for no work, not guranteed just go through a link on there site for the retailer, make sure your logged in. Sometimes they track and payout sometimes they don't.
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