Can someone get me a HMV student card please?

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Found 1st Apr 2008
Hi everyone, I've recently had my student discounts taken away from me (noooo!) but have read a few posts around where people have been given HMV student card numbers. I dont mean to be cheap but I'd love to have that 10% discount back. Im hoping someone can be kind enough to supply one as anyone with a valid student card can still get the discount in store.



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I'm sure pretty much everyone would like the 10% discount, what makes you any different? lol

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Well, Im not really, especially when it comes to wanting to be a student again - It was a long shot, but reason i ask is because I saw some other lucky post-ers and there were very kind students who helped them get a card.


Attempting to claim a student card without being a student is not something we can condone on HUKDs-
It's fraudulent and against their terms- Yellow card OP

Where the hmv student cardholder breaches these terms and conditions, or the promoters believe that the hmv student cardholder has abused the discount scheme, cards may be terminated without prior notice. The Promoters reserve the right to take any action deemed necessary where an hmv student cardholder is found to have abused the scheme. A cardholder may terminate his/her hmv student card at any time.

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