can someone give me advice on a laptop

    i want to buy my 12 year old son a laptop but have no idea where to start or what to loook for ideally he wants to use it for msn facebook games and homework

    can someone give me advice on what laptop is best and where to buy it from thanks so much i dont want to make an expensive mistake



    I would keep your eye on this website, the odd good laptop deal comes up now and then.

    It depends on what sort of games he plays and what your budget is? If you give some idea of these you should get some suggestions.

    have a read here
    ive got 3 samsungs and they are great

    Any basic laptop for £300 will do all of those EXCEPT games.

    Games are not really that good on a laptop, so you need to check the graphics requirements of the games, and check the laptop can cope with that.

    If he expects to play "top end" games then a laptop is not really suited to that, even an expensive laptop.

    Original Poster

    yes he plays on world of warcraft and i would spend up to 500 and would really appreciate any help

    The Samsung netbooks are fab - I've got an NC10 which now gets used more than my Toshiba "proper" laptop! That's fine for internet, chat etc, but depends what kind of gaming you/he have in mind. Serious games are going to mean an expensive laptop! And personally, I wouldn't be prepared to pay that kind of money for a child.

    The Sammys are a nice robust build - you'd be hard pushed to find anyone to say something bad about them (cue arrival of someone with a bad word to say......!)

    ETA - I was writing this whilst the OP posted message #6 but I still wouldn't spend that much on a laptop for a kid. If he wants a gaming machine it might be better to go for a PC built to a gaming spec.

    For decent gaming, you need to look for a laptop with , at least, a Core2Duo processor, 3 or 4 GB Ram and a dedicated graphics card. Dell XPS series and Novatech X16 series are around this spec but cost rather more than £500.

    Personally (and I've bought a few laptops for various family members and friends) I would only consider Dell, Toshiba and Novatech (and Apple but they're vastly overpriced!). Every other make I've come across has given problems of one sort or another.
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